Tips and Tricks


1.  Each bottle of Central Park Bubbles formula mixes with 1 gallon water (in large bucket) for 2-3 hours of bubbles.  Gently stir so as not to create foam.  Shake before use, formula expands when shaken.


2.  Dip rope end of sticks all the way into mixed solution. Soak for 5-10 seconds in future uses.


3.  Keep the tips of both sticks together as you lift the wet rope end out of the bucket.  Hold over bucket and let extra solution drip off rope into bucket.  

*  Extra solution on your rope will weigh down your bubbles and cause them to pop or sink earlier than necessary.

*  Dripping extra solution into bucket will conserve solution and allow for longer use of bubbles.


4.  When extra solution is dripped off, raise both sticks upward.  Slowly spread sticks apart.


5.  If wind is strong bubbles will blow without effort.  If wind is calm, walk backwards to create wind.


Best Conditions

Too much wind will ruin bubbles, so aim to make bubbles on a day when the wind is blowing less than 10 mph (most days).